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The Friends group was formed in 1994 to speak and act on behalf of all those who care for Hampstead Cemetery. Working in close co-operation with Camden Council and English Heritage, the Friends were successful in a bid for lottery funding.

Major improvements funded by the Lottery award include:Replacement of the railings along the front wall facing Fortune Green Road. These were removed for salvage during World War Two.The listed monuments were restored and other key monuments were repaired.The chapels were renovated.The Lodge was conserved and restored.The facilities for visitors were improved, with an instillation of a new water supply and stand pipes.The roads were resurfaced.Trees were pruned or removed where they were nearing the end of their life, and new ones planted.Two areas for the interment of cremated remains were created. 

The Friends work closely with the local authority to improve all aspects of the Cemetery, from damaged memorials to conserving and encouraging wild life. They welcome new members and meet four times year at the Cemetery Lodge. 

Hampstead Cemetery is peaceful and beautiful place to visit at all times of the year, but your help is needed to safeguard it for future generations.



Good Grave Guide

If you want to learn more about the Cemetery and its history, ‘The Good Grave Guide to Hampstead Cemetery’ by Marianne Colloms and Dick Weindling, provides a history of the site and includes some 230 biographies of persons buried there. There are maps to help you locate their graves.


Published by the Camden History Society (2000, ISBN 0-904491-47-1) the book can be obtained from Camden Local Studies, cost £11.95, at

Holborn Library

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